Are you wanting to reach your full potential this CrossFit Games season? Or are you wanting to become the fittest version of yourself? The 'Train Active' program will help you get there. 

How does the 'Train Active' program work?

The workouts are posted at 12pm AEST time (for the following day).  The program is two weeks behind our training. There will generally be 2 sessions per day. When necessary, we will post our times and weights, along with anyone else that trained with us on that day (Lynne Knapman, 8 x CrossFit Games Masters competitor, generally trains with us). We encourage everyone to post their results on the private community page on the daily program. This will give us the opportunity to see how you are progressing and also give us a chance to communicate with you.

Through our private online community, you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Chad & Patrick, share your daily struggles and your victories, get to know other members of the program, and take advantage of videos that we post. We will use the private page to offer tips and advice for your daily training, recovery and nutrition. 

Chad & Patrick are business partners and co-owners (also with Adam Pirri) of CrossFit Active in Sydney, Australia. They have been training together daily for 6 years, allowing them to push and motivate each other further than they ever could if they trained alone. Their goal is to to be the most well rounded athletes possible. This means being consistent with intensity, volume and recovery. Join now to take this journey with them!

Chad Mackay

  • 4 x CrossFit Games Competitor
  • 6 x Regional athlete
  • 1 x Team World
  • 1 x Team Pacific
  • 2 x Team Pacific coach
  • CrossFit Active Co-owner

Patrick Fitzsimons

  • 6 x Regional athlete
  • CrossFit Active Co-owner



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